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TJ Middleton

Two and a half years ago, with nothing better to do, I wrote the opening chapter of something that I thought was entirely frivolous. Once written I read it a couple of times, tightened it up a whiff, and put it away. He wasn’t a very nice man.  It was time to go back to writing as Tim Binding. But the bastard wouldn’t leave me alone.  I kept thinking about it. Cliffhanger eh? It was more interesting than I thought, and it made me smile too. A month later I wrote the next chapter, a week after that another. The third chapter took me three times longer to write than the first. This was not good. It was taking me away from Tim Binding. Time to put it away again. Four months it lay in the dark. When I pulled it out again it was blue in the face from the screaming. So I relented. I pushed Tim Binding aside and let Cliffhanger take over.

It was just the start.

The books I write as T. J. Middleton are dark comedies, following the ups and downs of Al Greenwood and his terrifying wife Audrey.  He is not a nice man, which will be evident after you read on the first page of Cliffhanger that he has decided to kill his wife.  Happily for Audrey, things don’t turn out quite as he expected.


Here I am reading from Fish Tale, the second in the Al Greenwood trilogy…



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‘Perfectly paced, with sly wit and a blackly humorous ending.’ – Sunday Telegraph


I’d like to send you a short story, for free – get to know Al Greenwood better.

You just need to tell me where to send it…

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