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The Cliffhanger

‘Perfectly paced, with sly wit and a blackly humorous ending.’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘A rollicking ride . . . There is a touch of Ealing to this clever, witty seaside comedy of manners.’ – Independent

‘An Ayckbournesque comedy about what happens when the unhappiness of a stale marriage develops into a sharper pain . . . Excellent.’ – Daily Telegraph

Island Madness

‘The most stimulating and also the most exciting novel I read this year… Part thriller, part love story, and wholly engrossing.’ – Antonia Fraser, Books of the Year 1998, Sunday Telegraph

‘Rewarding subtlety and insight into the best and worst of human nature.’ – Jane Shilling, The Times

On Ilkley Moor

‘A prolonged act of reclamation, a metaphysical meditation on a sense of time and place . . . An evocative, resonant and sometimes disturbing book.’ – Philip Hoare, Independent

‘Fascinating . . . a journey into the heart of Yorkshire gone by, this is a powerful book, constantly informed by the hulking moor above the town.’ – Condé Nast Traveller

‘Compelling.’ – Sunday Times

A Perfect Execution

‘All human life is there, in a mesmerizing world of its own.’ – Guardian

‘A brilliant, terrifying and haunting novel… It combines all the packed action of a thriller with a vision remarkable for its breadth and for its humanity.’ – Evening Standard

Sylvie and the Songman

‘Binding’s magical story combines the thoughts of a confused young girl and those of the animals she encounters on her journey.’ – Daily Telegraph

‘The stunning pencil illustrations add immeasurably to this story. Vivid writing, unforgettable scenes and a compelling story.’ – Carousel

‘A well written fantasy adventure based around the issue of dealing with the loss of a parent. Vivid, original imagery in the writing is complemented by wonderful line drawings throughout.’ – The Bookseller

‘A charming and original tale, ably told.’ – Observer

‘Powerful, haunting . . . Angela Barrett’s delicate illustration intensifies the eerie magic. This is a classic in the making.’ – Irish Post

Lying with the Enemy

‘A novel of exceptional style and momentum, sustained at a high emotional pitch, and beautifully constructed.’ – Alan Furst, New York Times Book Review.

‘A suspense novel that remains faithful to the conventions of the genre while elevating them…. The atmosphere is more like that of a Graham Greene ‘entertainment’ than a thriller, and the result is richer, scarier, and more satisfying.’ – Washington Post Book World

‘As sad as it is gripping…. A candid account of the baseness of human nature during wartime, woven seamlessly into a stirring murder mystery.’ – Rocky Mountain News.

Fish Tale

‘With typical British humor Tim Binding lets his characters live through ludicrous situations that sometimes degenerate into slapstick, but sometimes offer real crime voltage.’ –

‘Perfectly paced, with sly wit and a blackly humorous ending.’ – Sunday Telegraph


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